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Hire Order Professional Organizing is Ready to Help You
Our goal is to help others feel relief, joy, and serenity by allowing them to more efficiently use their time and spaces. We believe that even small steps can make a big difference! 

Hire Order has over 12 years of experience helping people in the Chicago area bring order to their homes and businesses. Hire Order was founded in 1998 by Jeannie Triezenberg, one of the very first professional organizers in the Chicago area. The company was conceived as a result of Jeannie’s love of organizing. 

As Jeannie says, “The feeling of a clean, clutter free space is very rewarding to me. I truly believe that your life is easier, less stressful and more rewarding when you have less stuff and you can find the stuff you have. Once I realized this was a trait that not everyone had, I was on a mission to organize the world! Organizing is my passion, something I love to do, and something I love to share with others. The hugs and sighs of relief when leaving a client are priceless.”

Hire Order is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Jeannie carries the Certified Professional Organizer designation (a NAPO developed certification program), and a Golden Circle member of NAPO. This prestigious designation is available only to seasoned professional organizers who have been professional organizers 5 or more years and a NAPO member for at least 1 year. She has held several leadership positions in the National Association for Professional Organizers including Program Director and President of the Chicago Chapter, and Chapter in Formation Committee Chairperson on the National Level.

A recognized expert in the field of professional organizing, Jeannie is often quoted by local and national media. Give us a call to help you get organized.


“I own a B&B in Naperville and last year had a major renovation. Knowing I needed help with organizing all our belongings as well as several family members' estates we inherited, I called Hire Order. Jeannie has a "Less is
More" attitude but never makes you feel like you HAVE TO get rid of something if you don't want to. Jeannie said,
" If you don't absolutely LOVE something or you're no longer using it, someone else can benefit from it." She
even takes the stuff away and gives it to charity and sends you a receipt! Overall she helped me with an estate
sale, organizing the house as well as the home office. I love it and I feel great to have an uncluttered office and
home. The next project is the basement.....”


Left to my own devices, I would have taken five times as long, done 1/2 as good a job, and
made my entire family furious with me in the process. Jeannie's high standards, sound
judgment, and easy responsive approach transformed a potential nightmare into a virtual
dream. She has my total confidence and highest recommendation!”


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