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Overwhelmed by Stuff

“When people think about getting organized, many times they get defeated before they even start.  I call this “ but there’s too much” syndrome.  You take a look at that basement or that closet and say ‘but there’s just too much stuff.  I don’t even know where to begin.’  The sense of dread and overwhelming takes over and you close the door or walk out of the room.  Nothing gets closer to being organized, and on top of that, you tend to feel guilty about not getting it done…again.  But I’m here to tell you a little unknown secret…come closer…don’t want everyone to hear…ready?...”
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Dealing with an Estate

“Joann and her husband were married 26 years when he passed away in September 2007. Because he was responsible for paying the bills and maintaining much of the finances, Joann found that paperwork was piling up and she was having a difficult time coping with it all…”
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Even Organized People Can Use a Hand

“A couple weeks before Jeannie’s arrival, my husband says, “I hate this cabinet!” as he tries to find a used plastic grocery bag. I tell him not to worry … Jeannie will be here soon. So I’m thinking I’ll ask her to organize that one cabinet. Which I do. And she does. My husband is very happy. Then I happen to open a cabinet near that one, and Jeannie kindly asks if I’d like help with that cabinet. I never thought that cabinet really needed organizing, until I looked at it a bit more closely….”
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Moving Day Made Easy

Beth and her family were moving and Beth remembered how long it took her to completely unpack all her boxes the last time they moved - it seemed like three years! She wanted to move into her new house and hit the ground running by being organized from Day One.
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Crafts Were Taking Over

Liz was ready. She’d had enough. Liz lived in a two-bedroom condo with her cat, Baby, and a lot of clutter. Liz loves to do crafts - lots of different crafts - and they were taking over her life and her home.
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“We love, love, love Hire Order!  They are an absolute delight to work with -- made everything seem easy and painless.   The kitchen looks fabulous.  We never could have put our kitchen together this quickly without their help.  So thank you very much!”


“I can't thank you enough for sending Toni to rescue me from myself. She was absolutely
wonderful, cheerful, and soooo easy to work with. By the end of 2 hours, my brain was ready
to explode, but she kept me motivated and I'm sure she shared with you...finding $200.00 in
the mess (from a previous garage sale) didn't hurt either! You and your staff came into my
life at just the right moment. I am planning on spending at the start 1 hour per day
decluttering/organizing something. I can't wait to have my next "session" to work on the
office or scrapbooking area and I would like Toni to "help" Abbie with her play area in
the basement so she can get a taste of having her things neat and tidy also. You guys
are the greatest!”   
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